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HAPPY 2022!

Apothecary Living Blog


Progress, Not Perfection 

I was invited to attend a class by a friend and even before going to the studio, I looked through the website and was shocked to see individuals who looked...

Sitting with Discomfort

Yin yoga and journaling can be very healing practices because both allow you to explore your mind and body on a deeper level. But in order to reap the benefits...

Zen for Men

We are mind, body, and spirit (emotions) — all of this rolled into one. How do we manage this so we can show up as the best version of ourselves...

Lessons in Meditation, Part 2

In meditation, when the mind and body are calm and the heart is open, we experience the aspects of our higher self: sound, light, peace, calm, love, joy, wisdom and...

Lessons in Meditation

How long should you practice? Meditate for as long as it is enjoyable! We go deeper into the art and science of meditation with a technique called Hong-Sau from Paramhansa...

I Practice Because

Life is never perfect and not one of us is without flaws but there is endless beauty in the flow. 

Self-Care with Ayurveda

Ayurveda is literally translated as the science of life. It creates a connect to all through bringing balance to the body, mind ,and spirit.

A Hard Reset...

A hard reset...using mindfulness meditation to find balance in these uncertain times.