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5 Class Pass
5 Class Pass
5 Class Pass
5 Class Pass

5 Class Pass

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S A F E  S P A C E |  I N C L U S I V E  Y O G A



***Student + Senior discounts available at studio upon verification***

2 0 2 1   R E S E T ! !  

Consistency.  Discipline.  Z E N .  



Tamara Johnson, Owner + Founder - has completed 300 YTT and excited to offer a fun vinyasa flow that will energize and de-stress your body!

Dimitrius Glenn, Lead Instructor - has 15+ years experience in athletic training.  He offers an high-energy class called “YOGA FIT” that will fuse traditional cardio moves + yoga stretches.

Jasmin Kyle, Yoga Instructor - has completed 200YTT and brings so much passion to the mat.  Her popular Trap Yoga class is the most requested and we're so happy to have her back.  Her amazing energy and infectious smile will have you coming back for more!  Be ready to sweat, align + have tons of fun!

Mahogany Wilson, Yoga Instructor - is a 200YTT and licensed therapist.  Her class "Trap & Chill" yoga will be a mix of vinyasa sequences + Yin Nidra poses.

Shabaka Azibo, a Certified Ananda Meditation Teacher, who also holds a 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Certification. For several years Shabaka has been practicing Kriya Yoga as taught by Ananda Sangha and brought to America by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1920.  If you're ready to take your meditation practice to the next level, do not miss this class.

Class duration: 60-75 minutes. All levels. Beginners are welcome. 

Our studio can accommodate up to 55 yogi's.  To ensure you have the best and safest experience, and to adhere to social distancing guidelines, we are only allowing 20 students per class.  So get your pass now!

Studio Etiquette 

Please arrive 15 minutes before class.  Masks must be worn in the retail area, once you are settled & socially distanced in the studio you can remove your mask.  Limited mats available.  Water is available for purchase.


COVID-19 Liability Release Waiver

The World Health Organization has declared the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) a worldwide pandemic. Due to its capacity to transmit from person-to-person through respiratory droplets, the government has set recommendations, guidelines, and some prohibitions which Enso Apothecary, LLC . (the "Organization") adheres to comply.

In consideration of my participation in the foregoing, the undersigned acknowledge and agree to the following:

I am aware of the existence of the risk on my physical appearance to the venue and my participation to the activity of the Organization that may cause injury or illness such as, but not limited to Influenza, MRSA, or COVID-19 that may lead to paralysis or death.

I have not experienced symptoms that of fever, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, or dry cough or exhibiting any other symptoms relating to COVID-19 or any communicable disease within the last 14 days.

I have not, nor any member(s) of my household, traveled by sea or by air, internationally within the past 30 days.

I did not, nor any member of my household, visit any any area within the United States that was reported to be highly affected by COVID-19, in the last 30 days.

I have not been, nor any member(s) of my household, diagnosed to be infected of COVID-19 virus within the last 30 days. Following the pronouncements above I hereby declare the following:

I am fully and personally responsible for my own safety and actions while and during may participation and I recognize that I may be in any case be at risk of contracting COVID-19.

With full knowledge of the risks involved, I hereby release, waive, discharge the Organization, its board, officers, independent contractors, affiliates, employees, representatives, successors, and assigns from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, actions, and causes of action whatsoever, directly or indirectly arising out of or related to any loss, damage, injury, or death, that may be sustained by me related to COVID-19 while participating Enso Apothecary, LLC 3116 E Rosedale St, Fort Worth, TX 76105 in any activity while in, on, or around the premises or while using the facilities that may lead to unintentional exposure or harm due to COVID-19.

I agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Organization from and against any and all costs, expenses, damages, lawsuits, and/or liabilities or claims arising whether directly or indirectly from or related to any and all claims made by or against any of the released party due to injury, loss, or death from or related to COVID-19.

By purchasing this ticket, I acknowledge that I have read the foregoing Liability Release Waiver and understand its contents; that I am at least eighteen (18) years old and fully competent to give my consent; That I have been sufficiently informed of the risks

involved and give my voluntary consent in signing it as my own free act and deed; that I give my voluntary consent in signing this Liability Release Waiver as my own free act and deed with full intention to be bound by the same, and free from any inducement or representation. This waiver will remain effective until laws and mandates relevant to COVID-19 are lifted.


By purchasing this class and voluntarily participating in any Enso Apothecary LLC class, training, workshop, or other service I agree to the participant terms of this agreement including the acknowledgements below. 

As a participant in yoga classes, programs, workshops, online materials, and events offered by ENSO APOTHECARY LLC during which I will receive information and suggestions about yoga, health, and fitness; I recognize that the activities I participate in at ENSO APOTHECARY LLC require physical exertion which may be strenuous and may cause aggravated physical injury, and I am fully aware of and willingly assume the risk and hazards involved.

I understand that it is my sole responsibility to consult with a physician prior to my participation in any of the classes, programs, workshops, online materials, and events at ENSO APOTHECARY LLC. I represent and warrant that I am physically fit and have no medical condition which would prevent my full participation in these activities.

In consideration of being permitted to participate in any of the classes, programs, workshops, and events at ENSO APOTHECARY LLC, I agree to assume full responsibility for any risk, injuries, or damages, known or unknown, which I might incur as a result of participation in the activity. I agree to inform my instructors of any physical limitations, discomfort and or injuries before or during classes and I take full responsibility for my own actions and my own limitations. 

In further consideration of being permitted to participate in any of the classes, programs, workshops, and events at ENSO APOTHECARY LLC, I knowingly, voluntarily and expressly waive, renounce and disclaim any claim I have or may have against ENSO APOTHECARY LLC, its instructors, contractors, directors, partners, owners, and employees for loss, theft or damage of any personal property from the ENSO APOTHECARY LLC premises, for injuries or damages that I may sustain within the ENSO APOTHECARY LLC facility, and/or for injuries or damages that I may sustain as a result of participating in the classes, programs, workshops, and events at ENSO APOTHECARY LLC. I forever release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue ENSO APOTHECARY LLC for any injury or death caused by their negligence or other acts that are not intended to harm me.

See you on the mat!




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