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Black Icons Practicing Yoga | Eartha Kitt, Part 3

Black Icons Practicing Yoga | Eartha Kitt, Part 3


Eartha Kitt doing Yoga

Eartha Kitt, the legendary singer, actress, and dancer, was not only known for her captivating performances on stage and screen but also for her commitment to self-care and wellness. One of the ways in which she prioritized her well-being was through the practice of yoga.

Eartha Kitt doing yoga

Kitt discovered yoga in the 1950s, long before it became the mainstream trend it is today. She was drawn to the practice's ability to promote physical health and mental clarity. In a 2002 interview with Yoga Journal, she said, "Yoga is something that keeps me going in a world where everything is so fast-paced and commercialized."

Eartha Kitt doing yoga

Throughout her career, Eartha Kitt relied on her yoga practice to help her bring her best to every performance. By prioritizing her well-being through yoga, she was able to maintain the strength and stamina required to deliver captivating performances consistently. She recognized that taking care of herself was fundamental to her ability to perform at her best, and yoga provided her with the tools to do so. As a result, she was able to entertain audiences with her signature charm and energy for many years.

Eartha Kitt practicing yoga

Kitt's commitment to yoga was evident in her daily routine. She would wake up early each morning to practice yoga and meditation, even when she was on the road performing. She believed that the benefits of yoga extended beyond the physical, as she once explained, "Yoga helps me to stay centered and focused. It helps me to be present in the moment, which is important when you're performing in front of an audience." (Source: Yoga Journal)

Eartha Kitt practicing Yoga

In addition to her daily practice, Kitt also credited yoga with helping her to manage stress and anxiety. She recognized that taking care of her mental health was just as important as taking care of her physical health, and yoga provided her with the tools to do so. In a 2007 interview with Health, she said, "Yoga has helped me to develop a sense of calm and inner peace. It's a way to find balance in a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming." (Source: Health)

Eartha Kitt practicing yoga

Incorporating a yoga practice into her life was an intentional decision that brought Eartha Kitt both physical and mental benefits. By prioritizing her well-being, Kitt was able to maintain her strength and stamina throughout her career, allowing her to bring her best to every performance. Her longevity in the entertainment industry is a testament to the importance of self-care and the power of a consistent yoga practice. By committing to taking care of herself, Kitt was able to leave a lasting impact on the world, reminding us that investing in our well-being is crucial to making a positive impact on those around us.

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