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A Journey to Inner Peace

A Journey to Inner Peace


Taquisha Titus

While taking time off to figure out the future of Sweet November Candle Co., I knew that I needed to find ways to relax, and to get my mind, body and spirit right.

Now, I always thought that yoga was for skinny women, lol. I thought that you had to be super thin and fit to practice the many different poses. After all, I have a big butt, thighs, and wide hips, so I was reluctant and wondered if I would or could do any of the poses during my first class. To my surprise, I was able to get into the flow of things and which led to this unexpected feeling of peace. I shed a few tears. Unsure of why that would happen, Tamara Johnson the owner of Ensō Apothecary in Fort Worth, explained to me that we hold a lot of emotion and stress in our hips, so the hip opening stretches that we were doing helps release a lot of what we are holding in. Which explains the emotional moment I had. Talk about being mind blown! 

A Journey to Inner Peace

I was not expecting to experience any type of emotion while I was there. In hindsight, I believe it was what I needed at that time. Now, I’m not saying it was a walk in the park because it most certainly was not. I had no idea how weak my legs and arms are! Team no upper body strength, lol!! There was a moment where I felt insecure and self-conscious about my inability to hold my self in different positions. Tamara reassured me that this is MY journey and this is a judgment-free zone. I immediately felt at ease. There have been a few changes that I have noticed since I’ve started this journey.  

A Journey to Inner Peace

The number one improvement that I’ve noticed is my sleep pattern. I’ve had nights where I get maybe 3 hours of sleep. I’d wake up in the middle of the night unable to fall back to sleep. Since I’ve started taking classes and even doing 20 minutes of stretching before bed has made a tremendous difference.  During that time I can clear my mind of anything stressful or negative thoughts that I might have had during the day. 

Those few moments of mindfulness have made a huge impact on my life. I am so happy that I did not let my self-doubt stop me from starting this journey.  All that is needed is a positive mindset and the ability to listen to your yoga instructor and your body. I’ve come to realize that yoga is not a trend, or about wearing the most expensive tights.  It’s about enjoying to journey to inner peace and I am doing just that!


Taquicia Titus is the owner of Sweet November Candle Co., her beautiful candles illuminate our studio providing candle therapy and aromatherapy.  For more information about her and her amazing candles, please visit:

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