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A Hard Reset...

A Hard Reset...


It is still hard for me to process how quickly things have changed.  It was just two weeks ago that we hosted an amazing workshop titled the "Power of Practice" with our favorite Guru Chinook Wusdhu.  His teachings came right on time, as he spoke about the importance of staying balanced and not surrendering to fear.  Since then our world has turned upside down.  Many of us are mandated to stay home, most without the security of a consistent paycheck, the pressure to stock pile groceries & essentials, and for me, totally changing my business plan.  In the past few weeks my team and I have created a YouTube channel to offer yoga classes online, started this a blog, recorded a podcast interview, and restocked our vegan skincare inventory to prepare for online orders. Through all of this, I've managed to stay sane (ha!) due to my practice of mindfulness meditation, an intentional process that brings one's attention to the present moment without judgement. 

In these times of uncertainty, I beg you to take care of yourself first.  One of the ways I stay balanced is my morning meditation practice.  My recent meditation sessions have been centered around Ahimsa, which means the respect of all living things and avoidance of violence and harm towards others.  I start my practice by siting in a comfortable position, and repeating the mantra "may all beings be loved, may all beings be safe, may all beings be healthy, may all beings be protected, secure and well-provided for."  After reflecting on this for at least 20 minutes I always leave my practice with inspired thoughts and clarity on how I can do my part to spread love and positivity. 

I look at this time as a hard reset.  Our current state of being is not sustainable.  I feel that this is a time to pause and reassess how we can make things better and find balance.  The benefit this pandemic created is that many of us can now have down time to tackle those projects we've put off.  Like spring cleaning and reorganizing our spaces, enjoying afternoon naps, more time with family, a break from long daily commutes, the convenience of working from home, and more time to build a stronger yoga & meditation practice!  

Not to mention  - shamless plug alert - the many ways you can spoil yourself with our vegan skincare products. Did I mention that they are all formulated and handmade by me. :)  Here are some tips to optimize your self-care routine during quarantine:

No. 1 use our handmade coconut oil soaps made with detoxing clays and essential oils, the creamy lather will cleanse and sanitize without stripping the natural oils in your skin.

No. 2  a long detox bath with our Savasana Bath Salts.  

No. 3. a healing shower with the Ensō Body Exfoliator (aka, the"game changer" that does not hold odor or bacteria) we just stocked the color gray (my favorite color) this color holds the energy of zen, calmness and balance, perfect for times like this.

 No. 4  slathering your skin with our creamy body butters that will leave your skin & hair soft and supple.  

We take pride in offering all-natural products that are made less than 6 ingredients, no additives or preservatives - ever.  They host therapeutic properties while helping build your immunity.  Please order online today! 

Lastly, we are excited to announce the debut of this blog and our new YouTube channel, we will post new content on a regular basis, along with skincare product demos and tutorials.  Learning how to connect online is way out of my comfort zone and I definitely had to overcome a learning curve.  I truly appreciate your patience during this process.  I am committed to staying connected with you during this time.  Thank you for being on this journey with me, more blogs to come. :)


Tamara Johnson

For online yoga and meditation sessions, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  

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